Lord of the Flesh T2
Lord of the Flesh
Biographical and armament information


Flesh Eater




Political and military information


Destroy the Turok Lineage


Sentry Infantry



Flesh Eaters

Feared by even the most brutal members of the Death Guard, Lords of the Flesh have attained the highest honor attainable within their societyÖ They have partaken of the ‘Flesh of the Mother’. This most secretive and sacred rite within the society. The rite of passage from Death Guard to Lord of the Flesh is only successful one time out of for, with the consequences of failure being terrifying. Only the absolute strongest survive the ritual, and refusal to attempt the transformation means immediate execution. The transformation empowers the Lords of the Flesh with arcane knowledge, and amazing physical strength. The spells hurled by the Lords of the Flesh are devastating.

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